About Us

Spring Field Academy was established in 2008. To make the Dreams of the founder persons come true. This institution was started to inculcate the moral values and high educational standard, particularly in the rural areas. The School holds the assurance for providing educational facilities of the highest order and assures fullest development of the child in the field of academics, co-curricular activities. Sports and Taekwondo. The motto of the school is to entrust the Character Building of the children to make them civilized citizen of the country. The School is an English Medium co-educational school, affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi.


Our School Motto, TAMSO MA JYOTIRGAMAYA signifies the progressive journey of the mind from darkness towards light. Edna Lyall has very rightly said- "Character is not ready-made, it is created bit by bit and day by day." Character is the most important dimension of education which forms the very basis of our life. Emphasis is given to teaching life, loyalty, truth and honour to lead our future citizens from darkness to light - the motto which the school stands for.


The foundation of SPRING FIELD ACADEMY run by S.K EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY was laid on FEBRUARY 18 2008.

THE FOUNDER Late Sri Suresh Chand  Ji wished to serve the society in the particular area where he had served  in Electricity Department. He was well aware of the problem of the inhabitants of the villages who could not afford to send their children to English medium schools for seeking education

The MISSION behind running an English Medium CBSE School was to educate the children in rural areas and to make them able to stand equal to those studying in cities in Missionary schools. 90% of the surrounding population is depend on sugarcane crop and is bound to live hand to mouth due to the payment not done on time by sugar factories. In such condition their children should not suffer. Keeping it in mind the fee structure of school was decided to be nominal.

For the all-round development of children there are all the facilities such as Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Basket Ball ,  Badminton, Cricket , Kho-Kho and the training of Self Defence etc. available in school. Children are trained to use waste material and make useful things. The environment of school is governed by Moral Values, Hygienic Consciousness and English Speaking . The motive is to make children not only succeed in life but to make them a good human being and good citizens.

The MOTTO  “TAMASO MAA JYOTIRGAMAYA” indicates that is not only the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy but the darkness of the lack of Moral Values to be removed and each and every child should learn to respect his parents, teachers, elders and  youngers  and to be dutiful to them as well as to society.